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(50) Tension is who you think you should be. Relaxation is who you are. Chinese Proverb

(49) Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself makes you fearless. Lao Tzu

(48) Don’t allow fear to overpower you, but allow love to overpower you. Love comes from the centre, fear always comes from the periphery; don’t allow this periphery to be dominant… there is nothing to fear at all; all that is needed is a little more awareness. Osho

(47) All men should strive to learn before they die what they are running from, and to, and why. James Thurber

(46) He who knows others is learned; He who knows himself is wisw. Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

(45) Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without. confucius

(44) If you help others, you will be helped, perhaps tomorrow, perhaps in one hundred years, but you will be helped. Nature must pay off the debt. It is a mathematical law and all life is mathematics. GI Gurdjieff

(43) Life’s most urgent question is; what are you doing for others? Martin Luther King, Jr

(42) I try to treat whoever I meet as an old friend with dignity, with honour. The Dalai Lama

(41) When you like your work, every day is a holiday. Frank Tyger

(40) When you’re in love, age is just a number. HUGH HEFNER

(39) If you do not raise your eyes you will think that you are the highest point. Antonio Porchia

(38) Be merciful towards the poor for their lack of patience; and towards the rich for their lack of gratitude; and be merciful towards all of them, for all their carelessness.

(37) Do not be ashamed if the amount of charity is small because to turn away the needy empty-handed is an act of greater shame.

(36) Do not seek help in satisfying your needs from someone who has more need of what you want, than you.

(35) If you cannot get things as much as you desire then be contented with what you have.

(34) There’s no companion better than good character and no legacy better than courteous behaviour.

(33) A man’s value depends upon his courage and resolution, his veracity depends upon his traits of nobility and self-respect and his chastity depends upon his sense of honour.

(32) Better be alone than in bad company. Thomas Fuller

(31) Live with people who are blissful, so that you can have a little whiff, a taste. You will have to live in satsang. You will have to look into the eyes of someone who has arrived, so that you can have a little taste- a lattle sweetness enters into your being, and you can see. A great longing arises in you, seeing that life is not all misery – that nirvana is possible. Osho

(30) This is love; to fly towards a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet……Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. Jalaluddin Rumi

(29) Love is the strongest force the world possesses, and yet it is the humblest imaginable. MK Gandhi

(28) The greatest degree of inner tranquillity comes from the development of love and compassion. The more we care for the happiness of others, the greater is our own sense of well-being. The Dalai Lama XIV

(27) Forgiveness is a perfectly selfish act. It sets you free from the past. Brian Tracy

(26) He who refuses to forgive breaks the bridge over which he, too, must cross. Confucius

(25) Copassion literally means to feel with, to suffer with. Everyone is capable of compassion, and yet everyone tends to avoid it because it’s uncomfortable. And the avoidance produces psychic numbing- resistance to experiencing our pain for the world and other beings. Joanna Macy

(24) Compassion is not religious busness, it is human business, it is human business, it is not luxury, it is essential for our own peace and mental stability, it is essential for human survival. Tenzin Gyatso, the XIVth Dalai Lama

(23) He who regards the world as he does the fortune of his own body can govern the world. He who loves the world as he does his own body can be entrusted with the world. Tao te Ching

(22) Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune. Jim Rohn

(21) The ancient Masters didn’t try to educate the people, but kindly taught them to not-know. Lao Tzu

(20) Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or yourself –confidence. Robert frost

(19) All power is within you, you can do anything and everything. Believe in that. Swami Vivekananda

(18) Genuine happiness consists in those spiritual qualities of love, compassion, patience, tolerance and forgiveness. For it is these which provide both for our happiness and others’ happiness. The XIV Dalai Lama

(17) Suffering is not holding you. You are holding suffering. When you become good at the art of letting sufferings go, then you’ll come to realise how unnecessary it was for you to drag those burdens around with you. You’ ll see that no one else other than you was responsible. The truth is that existence wants your life to become a festival. Osho

(16) By letting it go it all gets done. The world is won by those who let it go. Lao Tzu

(15) Open your arms to change, but don’t let go of your value. The Dalai Lama XIV

(14) Knowledge is learning something every day. Wisdom is letting go of something everyday. Zen Proverb

(13) The goal of life is living in agreement with nature. Zeno

(12) This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples; no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple; the philosophy is kindness. The Dalai Lama XIV

(11) The religion of the future will be a cosmic religion. The religion that is based on experience, which refuses dogma. My religion consists of a humble admiration of the illimitable superior spirit who reveals himself in the slight details we are able to perceive with our frail and feeble mind. Albert Einstein

(10) An original is a ceration motivated by desire. Any reproduction of an original is motivated be necessity. It is marvellous that we are marvellous that we are the only species that cretes gratuitious forms. To create is divine, to reproduce is human. Man Ray

(9) Each species is a master piece, a creation assmbled with extreme care and genius. Edward O Wilson

(8) The creatures that inhabit this earth- be they human beings or animals- are here to contribute, each in its own particular way, to the beauty and properity of the world. The Dalai Lama XIV

(7) The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong. M K Gandhi

(6) Many of life’s faillures are people who did not relise how close they were to success when they gave up. Thomas A Edison

(5) Our greatest glory is not in never failling but in rising up every time we fail. Ralph W Emerson

(4) Don’t be discouraged by a failure. Failure is, in a sense, the highway to success, inasmuch as every discovery of what is false leads us to seek earnestly after what is true, and every fresh experience points out some form of error which we shall afterwards carefully avoid. John Keats

(3) Man can never be a woman’s equal in the spirit of selfless service with which nature has endowed her. M K Gandhi

(2) Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth. Mohammed ali

(1) you can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you. John Wooden


(1) Before you desire to control the universe, you must first be able to completely control yourself.

Sun Myung Moon

(2) First you must learn to control yourself. The rest follows. Blessed is he who knows himself and commands himself, for the world is his and love and happiness and peace walk with him wherever he goes. Robert Heinlein

(3) The wife is not the husband’s bond-slave but his companion and equal partner in all his joys and sorrows, and is as free as the husband to choose her own path. M K Gandhi

(4) if you wake up at a different time, in a different place, could you wake up as a different person? Chuck Palahniuk

(5) there is nothing that gives more assurance than a mask. Colette

(6) a man does not have to be an angel in order to be saint. Albert Schweitzer

(7) the hero is one who kindles a great light in the world, who sets up blazing torches in the dark streets of life for men to see by. The saint is the man who walks through the dark paths of the world, himself a light. Felix adler

(8) each new step, each new adventure, bring new richness. Every new dawn brings totally new world around you….no two sunrises are the same; no two sunsets are the same. The world is a discontinuous contiunity- discontinuous because every moment something new is happening. Osho

(9) the only way to keep from going back ward is to keep going forward. Eternal vigilance is the price of success. There are three steps, and each one is absolutely essential. You must first have the knowledge of your power; second, the courage to dare; third, the faith to do. Charles F Haanel

(10) love consists not in feeling great things but in having great detachment and in suffering for the beloved. St. John of the Cross

(11) If there is no solution to the problem then don’t waste time worrying about it. If there is a solution to the problem then don’t waste time worrying about it. The Dalai Lama XIV

(12) If we can really understand the problem , the answer will come out of it, because the answer is not separate from the problem. Jiddu Krishnamurti

(13) There is no solution; seek it lovingly. Socrates

(14) Love is the only solution. Anand Krishna

(15) Great thinkers think inductively, that is, they create solutions and then seek out the problems that solutions might solve; most companies think deductively, that is, defining a problem and then investigating different solutions. Joey Reiman

(16) The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landcapes, but in having new eyes. Marcel Proust

(17) What appears to be the end of the road may simply be a bend in the road. Robert H Schuller

(18) when we cannot communicate, we get sick, and as our sickness increases, we suffer and spill our suffering on other people. Thich Nhan Hanh

(19) True happiness come from a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood. We need to cultivate a universal responsibility for one another and the planet we share. The Dalai Lama

(20) You will have to live with people who are blissful, so that you can have a little whiff, a taste. You will have to look into the eyes of someone who has arrived, so that you can have a little test- a little sweetness enters into your being, and you can see. Osho

(21) No road is long with good company. Turkish Proverb

(22) You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with. Wayne W Dyer

(23) Keep your thoughts positive becacuse your thoughts become your words. Keep your words positive because your words become your behaviours. Keep your behavours positive because your behaviours become your habits. Keep your habits positive because your habits become your values. Keep your values positive because your values become your destiny. MK Gandhi

(24) sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy. Thich Nhat Hanh

(25) A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctor’s book. Irish Proverb

(26) your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within youreslf that you have built against it. Jalaluddin Rumi

(27) You must give sometime to your fellow men. Even if it’s a little thing, do something for others- something for which you get no pay but the privilege of doing it. Albert Schweitzer

(28) The secret of success is learning how to use pain and pleasure instead of having pain and pleasure use you. If you do that, you’re in control of your life. If you don’t life controls you. Anthony Robbins

(29) Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belong to the people who prepare for it today. Malcolm X

(30) You may never know what results come of your action, but if you do nothing there will be no result. MK Gandhi

(31) when you separate yourself by belief, by nationality, by tradition, it breeds violence. So a man who is seeking to understand violence does not belong to any country, to any religion, to any political party or partial system; he is concerned with the total understanding of mankind. Jkrishnamurti

(32) our individual well-being is intimately conncted both with that of all others and with the environment within which we live. The XIV Dalai Lama

(33) Non-violence and kindness to living beings is kindness to oneself. For thereby one’s own self is saved from various kinds of sins and resultant sufferings and is able to secure his own welfare. Jyotiprasada Jaina

(34) Non-violence is not a garment to be put on and off at will. Its seat is in the heart, and it must be an inseparable part of our being. MK Gandhi

(35) For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today. African Proverb

(36) do not be wise in words- be wise in deeds. Jewish Proverb

(37) all know the way; few actually walk it. Bodhidharma

(38) We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration. Inspiration seldom generates action. Frank Tibolt

(39) An idea not coupled with action will never get any bigger than the brain cell it occupied. Arnold Glasow

(40) Action is the last resource of thouse who know not how to dream. Oscar Wilde

(41) Talk doesn’t cook rice. Chinese Proverb

(42) man often becomes what he believes himeslf to be. If I keep on saying to myself that I cannot do a certain thing, it is possible that I may end by really becoming incapable of doing it. On the contrary,…if I have the belief that I can do it, I shall surely acquire the capacity to do it even if I may not have it at the beginning. MK Gandhi

(43) Don’t limit yourself. Many people limit themselves to what they think they can do. You can go as far as your mind lets you. What you believe, you can achieve. Mary Kay Ash

(44) Opportunities to find deeper powers within ourselves come when life seems most challenging. Joseph Cambell

(45) The opposite of a correct statement is a false statement. The opposite of a profound truth may well be another profound truth. Niels Bohr

(46) The man who is seeking truth is free of all societies and cultures…there is no path to truth, it must come to you. Truth can come to you only when your mind and heart is love in your hear; not if your heart is filled with the things of the mind. Jkrishnamurti

(47) Men stumble over the truth from time to time, but most pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing happened. Winston Churchill

(48) Gratitude is the most exquiste form of courtesy. Jacques Maritain

(49) To speak kindly does not hurt the tongue. Proverb

(50) He who sows courtesy reaps friendship, and he who plants kindness gathers love. St Basil

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